Saturday, February 21, 2015

Welcome to the Robinson Edge

Greetings my friends and fellow knife enthusiasts.  My name is Brandant Robinson and I welcome you to the Robinson Edge.  I have been making knives for a few years now and finally I decided that it was time that I created my own website where I could share my knife making adventures with the world.

Each knife that I make is an adventure in its own right.  It begins with an idea in my head, an intangible concept which then grows and evolves into a firm design for a knife.  The design is then realized as raw materials are shaped and fitted together to form a finished piece of functional art.  It is difficult to describe the feelings I get from starting with no more than an idea and a bar of steel and, by working with my own hands, turn out a completed project.  It is truly rewarding and the reason why as I finish each knife, I can't wait to start the next.

It is my purpose with creating this website to share with you my journeys into the world of knife making.  I intend to share with you the projects that I have on my workbench and take you with me as I develop new knives from start to finish.

I encourage you to take some time to look around this site.  The tabs at the top of the page will take you to the different areas of this site.  The "Knife Gallery" page is  where you will find photos and descriptions of completed knives.  The "Available Knives" tab will take you to a listing of finished knives that are available for purchase.  The "Shop Tour" page leads you on a tour of my little shop and how it evolves over time.  Finally, the "About Me" tab contains a short autobiography about myself and how I came into this craft for those who would like to get to know me better.

I urge you to become follower of this site by clicking the "Join this Site" button to the right.  You will get messages when new posts are made on the Robinson Edge.  I further encourage you to sign up for an email subscription in order to receive emails when a knife is finished and available for purchase.  Follow the instructions to the right under "Email Subscriptions" to sign up.

I truly hope you enjoy it here and that you will check back often.  I will do my very best to make your time spent on this website well worth your while.

Thank you for stopping by and, again, welcome to the Robinson Edge.

-Brandant Robinson