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My name is Brandant Robinson and I welcome you to the Robinson Edge.  I'm pleased that you have found your way here to my website and I hope that you enjoy spending some time here with me on my knife making adventures.  For those who might like to get to know me better, I will share with you a little background on myself and how I ended up making custom folding knives.

I can't remember a time in my life when I was not fascinated with knives.  I have fond memories of watching my father put steel to stone as he meticulously honed his Buck knife to a razor edge on an old Arkansas stone.  As soon as I was responsible enough to take care of my own, my father gave me my very first knife.  I was in Cub Scouts at the time and I felt a great sense of pride in owning and caring for my first blade.  As I advanced from Cub Scouts into the Boy Scouts, my love of knives continued to grow.  I spent many hours around the campfire making simple woodcarvings and fancy kindling with my knife as I passed away the time at Scout camp.  I often wonder just how many boxes of band-aids I must have gone through while learning how to carve wood.

When the wonders of childhood concluded and the adventure into adulthood began, I found the love of my life.  After a short courtship, we were married and began our family.  Nothing is more important to me than my wife and children.  The title of Father is better than any other label a man can carry.  I love being a dad.

Since I had a young family to support, I finished up school and chose a carrier as a mechanical engineer.  After a few years of working as an engineer, I found that I was missing something in my life.  An engineer has to be very logical and methodical about how he approaches his job, which left my creative and artistic side struggling to get to the surface.  I decided that I needed a hobby that I could do in the evenings after a tiring day at work.  I thought back to my Scouting days and remembered how much fun I had at woodcarving.  I bought a knife, some wood, and began making wood chips again.

After carving for a time, I got the idea of making my own woodcarving knife.  As I crafted my first knife, a new passion was kindled within me.  In 2011 I began making and selling some simple woodcarving knives and gouges to the woodcarving community.  For the next several years I enjoyed making these simple knives, but after making several hundred, I found them a little too simple and kind of boring to build.  Then in 2013, I ran across a tutorial on the internet of how to make a folding knife.  The rest, as they say, is history.

I'm still a full time engineer, but now I have immersed myself in the world of custom folding knives.  I find that each one is a welcome challenge for both the mechanical and the artistic sides of my brain.  There are so many possibilities of design, materials, and embellishments that I don't think I could ever get bored again.  I look forward to many, many years of building knives and hope to one day be as good an artisan as the master knife makers of our time.

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