Friday, October 21, 2016

Tool Arm Rack

This is just a quick post to show off my new tool arm rack.  Until now, all of my tool arms have been residing underneath  my workbench, all piled up in a heap.  I built this simple rack to keep these accessories organized, easily accessible, and safe.

It's simply a 2x3 screwed to the ceiling with threaded hooks screwed into it.  I had to cut the tip of each hook off as these that I purchased had about a half inch section that bent out which had to go.  I also had to drill a hole in the end of each attachment for the hook to go into.  Simple, yet functional; that's kind of the theme of my shop.

Just in case you're curious, the tool arms from left to right are: small wheel attachment arm, 8" contact wheel, slack belt attachment, flat platen, surface grinder attachment, and my tool rest.  I still have room to add a couple more.  I really want to add a 10" contact wheel soon, which would be ideal for hollow grinding the size of blades that I usually make, but, they're expensive, so I'll have to sell a few more knives to be able to afford one.  It's certainly not an engineering marvel, but it works great and it's so nice not to have to get down on all fours to find the right attachment.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Knife Complete

I finished up the Glaucus knife that I've been working on.  After looking at it for a couple days, I decided that I didn't like the looks of the liners.  The bronze anodization was a little too subtle for my eye.  I just got lost next to the dark bolsters and scales.  So, I reanodized them to a nice sky blue color.  It looks a lot better.  Here are some pics of the final knife.

I think it turned out great!  I'm extremely pleased with the final outcome.  It's probably the most visual stunning and unique knife that I've made to date.  I'll be posting this on the Available Knives page very soon.  If you want to add it to your collection, just drop me a line.  Thanks for following along with me on this knife making adventure.  Now, what to make next . . . . . ?

-  Brandant Robinson

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Sale Ending

Just a quick announcement regarding the available knives listed here on the Robinson Edge.  I will be raising the prices on all knives back to the original listings on Monday, October 17.  If you've had your eye on one of these knives, now is the time to buy.  Thanks for your interest in my work.

-  Brandant Robinson

So Close I Can Taste It

I'm almost there on the latest Glaucus knife which I'm currently building.  Just a little bit of tweaking and she'll be ready for a new home.  Here's what's happened since the last update.

The scales have a couple coats of Tru-Oil on them at this point.  A few more to go, followed by a protective coat of Renaissance Wax as a final finish.  The Bolsters have been polished up all bright and shiny and are ready for a little patina magic.

Yes, these are the same bolsters as the previous photo.  Copper does some really cool things when heated.  I used to make a lot of copper ferrules for woodcarving tools.  In doing so, I experimented a lot with using heat to force a patina on the copper.  The red and black mottling was one I came upon while experimenting and I knew it would look great with the red and black scales.  I'm very excited with how they turned out.

There's some weird reflections on the flats of the blade in the photo, but I assure you, the blade looks great.  I brought the finish up to a 600 grit satin.

I did some jeweling, or engine turning as some may call it, on the insides of the liners.  It's a subtle detail, but I think it's worth the effort.

Here you can see that the lock bar has been cut in and is ready for some fitting.

After a preliminary assembly, you can see where this knife is going.  It's looking pretty cool, though I think I'll switch out those stainless screws for some black oxide ones.  That should make the overall look of the knife a little deeper and richer.

With all the structural work done, I moved on to the details.  The spacer and the liners will get fully fileworked.  I debated whether or not this knife even needed the extra embellishments and ultimately decided it would benefit from a little "bling" around the edges.

The liners have been anodized a nice, rich bronze color and the blade has been etched with my makers mark.  I've got a little bit of adjusting yet to do and this knife will be finished.  I should have the knife done, finished pics taken, and the knife posted for sale by next week.  This one is coming together real nicely.  I'm quite pleased with how it's turning out.  It's very unique and should make a great addition to someone's collection.  Thanks for stopping by the Robinson Edge.

-  Brandant Robinson

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Small Wheel Attachment Completed

Well, I finally got my small wheel tool attachment for my grinder done and I must say, I don't know how I got along without it.  Here are a few pics of how it all came together.

Here are the three major components: the tool arm and the two bearing supports.  The tool arm is made out of 1-1/2" square tubing and the bearing supports are made out of 1/4" plate steel.

The bearing supports are attached to the tool arm using some 5/16" threaded rod, nuts and washers.  I had to play with the adjustments until the opening was at the right width and the front and back were square.

Here is the small wheel attachment with a 1" wheel mounted up.  The fit is perfect.

Here is the new tool with a belt attached.  The grinder was actually running at the time of the photo. No vibrations and the belt tracks true.  Sweet!

One final pic of the completed small wheel attachment with a fresh coat of grey paint.  I gave this new tool a pretty good workout with the new Glaucus knife that I have under construction.  It worked so well that I honestly don't know how I got along without.  I can kick myself for not making it sooner.  Oh well, better late than never.  No more relying on my spindle sander for grinding inside curves.  I now have more choices for diameters and I'm not stuck with 80 and 120 grit abrasives.  I can use any belt that I want.  Works wonderfully.

Thanks for stopping by the Robinson Edge.  I'll post some pics next week of the Glaucus build that I have almost finished.  Just a little more detail work yet to do and I'll call it done.  It looks sweet!  I can't wait to show it off, but you'll have to check back next week for that.  Have a great weekend.

-  Brandant Robinson